How Feminists Think Women Suck
and Men Rock

Natalie Ritchie

In its bid to bust the patriarchy, feminism has become the patriarchy.

Who’s a strong woman?

A woman is a valiant being in her own right, with or without a career.

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Work that works for women

In a feminized economy, a woman’s job is designed around her other jobs as a home-maker and mother.

Some of us like working, some of us don’t.

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The mother of all jobs

A paid worker forges a piece of the economy. A mother forges a soul. That makes mothers important people.

Some of us like motherhood, some of us don’t.

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No such thing as ‘just’ a housewife

Housewives work. The homes they create are powerhouses, crucibles for the body and soul. A housewife makes life possible.

Some of us like housework, some of us don’t.

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Will the Real Gender Gaps Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Gender Gaps Please Stand Up?

A gender pay gap? Really, feminism? Is that our biggest gap-issue? For I can spot plenty of other gender gaps – make that abysses – both inside and outside the workplace. Like the Unpaid, Validation, Workplace Timetable and Responsibility Gaps. And it’s feminism that creates them.

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Feminism is a Religion – and Its God is Man

Feminism is a Religion – and Its God is Man

In an eloquent piece last Tuesday, Dr Janice Fiamengo, Professor of English at the University of Ottawa, Canada, made the case that feminism is a religion. While she is right to identify its god as the “divine feminine,” it is also easy to make the opposite case—that...

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