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Media Coverage

21 July 2018
‘Lead Like a Woman, Jacinda’

and the accompanying NZ Herald Editorial:
21 July 2018
‘PM Will Be a Good Role Model for Working Mothers’

and an accompanying NZ Herald article containing comments from former NZ Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley:
21 July 2018
‘Go part-time Jacinda – Aussie author urges’

Freedom Project Media

4 June 2018
‘Feminists Want Women to Be Men’
Interview with Katie Petrick of The Healthy Republic, Freedom Project Media

3 June 2018
‘Feminism Has Become the Patriarchy That It Set Out to Bust’
The Outsiders with Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron
Sky News Australia


The Daily Wire

15 May 2018
‘How Feminism Has Abandoned Women’
Episode 509
The Andrew Klavan Show
(interview starts at 29:01 mins)


21 April 2018
“Do We Need a New Feminist Movement for Mothers?”
‘Babytalk’ with Penny Johnston
Australian Broadcasting Corporation





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