How Feminists Think Women Suck
and Men Rock

Natalie Ritchie

In its bid to bust the patriarchy, feminism has become the patriarchy.

Who’s a strong woman?

A woman is a valiant being in her own right, with or without a career.

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Work that works for women

In a feminized economy, a woman’s job is designed around her other jobs as a home-maker and mother.

Some of us like working, some of us don’t.

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The mother of all jobs

A paid worker forges a piece of the economy. A mother forges a soul. That makes mothers important people.

Some of us like motherhood, some of us don’t.

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No such thing as ‘just’ a housewife

Housewives work. The homes they create are powerhouses, crucibles for the body and soul. A housewife makes life possible.

Some of us like housework, some of us don’t.

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Workplaces Are for Women – Aren’t They?

Workplaces Are for Women – Aren’t They?

The 9-to-5 workplace, designed for a man with a wife at home, is still overwhelmingly in place. Unpaid leave to care for sick children is desperately needed by almost all mothers, but is not on feminism’s radar. And the school-hours economy, which should be a fixture in many sectors by now? Not even a twinkle in feminism’s eye.

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Is Feminism Really Just Masculinism?

Is Feminism Really Just Masculinism?

Back in the 1970s, strong women surrounded me. My mother, my grandmothers, my four aunts, my great-grandmother and my countless great-aunts were all uninfected by the feminist belief that they were failures unless they replicated their husbands’ paid work. By the 1980s, that reality had begun to crumble.

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