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In the perfect world, I get due credit for raising good children and keeping a chic home, and have time to get on with the meaning of life—that’s getting out into nature with my metal detector and birdwatching app, crocheting my own handbags, growing date palms in a Moroccan-style courtyard with canopied daybed and tiled fountain, making the world a better place (teaching foster kids to read, fundraising to cure blindness), reading the complete works of George Eliot, and most of all, charging about ancient landscapes as an Indiana Jane, pursuing my driving interest, Egyptology.

In the real world, I am a struggling single mother who does almost none of that stuff (except raising the kids) and is striving to build a society that works for women. This book is part of that struggle.

My sons are Robbie (born 2003) and Lachlan (2004). My past careers were media relations consultancy and writing in the tourism industry, where I co-authored the Frommer’s Australia travel guides. My most recent job was features editor of Australia’s biggest parenting magazine. I am now a full-time contract editor. My home is Sydney. Wherever you live in the world, I’d love you to join me in making a society that champions all that a woman is—a mother, a woman running a home, a center of a family and community, an intelligent personality radiating knowledge, goodwill and purpose—not just her contribution in the workplace. Career or not, a woman is a valid, dynamic power all her own.

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